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At Prom, you'll want to make it a night that everyone will talk about for years. That's why we offer the best transportation services for proms. Check out our limos, party buses and charters!

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Prom Transportation Company
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The Prom is the biggest night of your life, and you want to make sure that it's unforgettable. Whether you're a parent or a student, there are several key things to keep in mind when planning this memorable event. Need large group transportation servuce? We have multiple bus rental transportation options such as a charter bus rental, please let us know and we will match you with more vehicles. First and foremost, think about what kind of experience your promgoers will have. Do they want to drive in style? Or do they prefer something more traditional? If you're looking for something special, consider renting out a limousine or party bus from If you're looking for something more affordable, we also offer limo packages that include everything from transportation to photo booths and even makeup artists! No matter what kind of experience you're looking for, we have the perfect package for you. With so many options available when planning a prom charter service, it can be overwhelming at times trying to figure out which option is best suited for your specific needs. We want to make sure that choosing us as your provider is an easy decision! Our team will walk you through every step of the process so that there are no surprises along the way – just peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of in advance so you can enjoy your big day stress-free!

Why Use For Prom Transportation?

Your prom is supposed to be one of the most special nights of your life, so you want to make sure everything goes well You can be sure that limoservicecharlotte. Want to look like a pro? Our Airport Transportation services are perfect for executives, or large groups. Selections include limos, or vans and sprinter will provide top-notch transportation services for all your guests so they arrive safely at their designated locations and have a great time on prom night So you're planning your prom and are wondering how to get there in style Well, we've got the solution for you! Prom is one of the most important nights of your life, so why not make sure it's memorable? A limo service can help make that happen In addition to being safe, limos are also stylish and fun! They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose something that fits with your theme or school colors

Perfect Transportation Solutions

Our company specializes in providing limousine service and party bus rentals to Charlotte area high school students at their proms. We have a variety of vehicles to choose from when planning your ideal transportation solution: Lincoln town cars, Hummer limos and luxury SUVs are just some of the options available to you. We also offer multiple packages so that you can choose a price point that suits your needs while still getting everything that you need for your special event. We provide our customers with outstanding customer service before during and after every transaction; we even offer free consultations so you can get help planning out the logistics of your event!

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Many Bus Rental Options

Often, the type of vehicle you choose will depend on the size of your group and what you need to carry. With that in mind, there are a variety of bus rental options available: Limos are great for small groups. These vehicles can be rented to pick up just one or two people, as well as large groups on special occasions like proms or weddings. Party buses are great for larger gatherings since they usually have seating for 20-30 passengers, along with a dance floor and ample room for luggage storage. You'll find that these cars come equipped with all kinds of features including flat screen TVs and bar areas so no one will get bored on their way from point A to point B! Vans are another popular option when it comes to party bus rentals because they provide plenty of space for carrying all sorts of things—especially if you're heading somewhere where extra bags may be needed! Best part about vans is that many have sliding doors so passengers can easily exit without having trouble getting out each time someone else gets off board (or vice versa).

Party Bus, Limo, and Van Rentals Available

Now that you have the list of your group's most popular destinations, it's time to make a reservation. If you're looking for more than one vehicle, we recommend booking at least two limos or party buses—this way, if anyone needs to split up into smaller groups during the trip, they can do so without having to rent multiple vehicles. If you've never rented a limo before and aren't sure how big your group will be on prom night (or if you're worried about leaving someone home because they couldn't fit in), renting two smaller vans may be better than renting just one larger limo. This way, each van can hold 15-20 passengers comfortably; plus, there will still be an empty seat or two available if someone arrives late or gets sick along the way!

Amazing Transportation Solutions

For almost any occasion, you can count on to provide you with the best transportation options and services. We have been providing reliable transportation solutions, and we are proud to serve our customers in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our goal is to make sure that your special occasion goes off without a hitch, so we put careful thought into every aspect of our planning process. Whether it's for prom night or a group event such as a bachelor party or wedding reception, we offer an array of vehicles from which you can choose:

  • Luxury Party Buses

  • Stretch Limousines

  • Hummer H2s

  • Motor Coaches

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Party Bus Rental Packages for Prom

When you reserve a prom party bus rental with, you will get the following: A luxury vehicle that seats 15 to 20 people, depending on the model you select. Shuttle service from the hotel or home if needed. Wireless internet access if available in your area of travel.

Drop Off Service For Formal & School Event

Of course, the night doesn't end when prom is over. There are plenty of activities to enjoy with your friends after prom, including a limo ride that will take you and all of your friends to the after party. offers drop off service for formal and school events like proms, so that you can get a smooth ride between your home and all of the fun locations where you'll be celebrating with your classmates.

Affordable Pricing on Rentals

With, you can rest assured that when you book a limo, party bus, or shuttle from us, your party will be in good hands. As for pricing: our vehicles are affordable and priced to include gratuity and fuel charges. However this is only available when an advance reservation is made – no-shows will be charged at full price. This also includes insurance costs and parking fees which may apply if you need a pick-up service outside of Charlotte NC area limits (see below). We offer discounted rates on multiple vehicle rentals such as our 6 passenger sedan or 8 Passengers SUV Limousines; we also have Party Bus Rental options available for larger groups looking to have fun on their special day out on the town!

How Getting Transportation Makes Your Prom Drop Off Great

When it comes to your prom drop-off, you can't go wrong with a party bus or limo. Whether you're dropping off at the dance in style or leaving after the after-party, a party bus or limo is a great way to make sure that everyone gets home safely. And if your friends are taking other forms of transportation home from the prom, then they'll certainly be envious of your ride!

VIP Prom Experience

We boast an extensive fleet of vehicles that are perfect for all kinds of occasions. From weddings and graduations to birthdays and sporting events, our company has been providing Charlotte residents with top-notch service. Our limo services include:

  • Limousines

  • Town cars

  • Party buses

Prom Buses Available Throughout North Carolina

Here at, we have a variety of limo and party bus rentals available throughout North Carolina that are sure to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for something elegant or fun, we have options to meet your needs. 

Which Vehicle Is Right For My Group?

If you're not sure which vehicle is right for your group, here are some things to consider: With a limo, you don't have to worry about driving, navigating or parking—just relax and enjoy the ride! Party buses are great if you want to party with all of your friends at once! Most party buses can accommodate up to 20 people and have plenty of room for dancing, singing karaoke (or whatever other activities you might enjoy). They also come equipped with surround sound systems so that everyone can hear the music clearly. And since the party bus will take care of transportation from place to place, you won't have to worry about getting behind the wheel after enjoying some drinks on board!

Steps To Rent Your Limo, Party Bus, or Charter Bus To Prom

Choose the vehicle you want to rent: stretch limo, luxury SUV, or party bus. Choose your pickup location and time for both drop-off and pick-up at prom night for your special event in Charlotte NC area including Concord NC, Kannapolis NC and Gastonia NC. If possible provide exact addresses of where you would like us to meet up with them before going out so we can easily find the location without any issues during busy traffic times in the evening hours when everyone is leaving from their homes towards the center city area where most students attend high school dances across Western North Carolina region which.

Our Pricing and Rates Explained

Our pricing is based on the type of vehicle you choose, the number of passengers you have and the distance that you need to travel. We also offer special rates for our limo services if you plan to be traveling at a certain time of day or night.

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