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When you are looking for reliable transportation for your government group, vehicle rentals offer the flexibility and affordability you need.

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Government Transportation Company
Government Transportation Company

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Government And Military Charter Bus, Minibus Rental, Party Bus Rentals

We understand that you need a reliable transportation provider who will get your group where they need to go on time and safely. That's why we work hard each day to make sure that every trip we take is memorable for all the right reasons. Need large group transportation servuce? We have multiple bus rental transportation options such as a charter bus rental, please let us know and we will match you with more vehicles. Whether it's an event for a corporate executive or a family reunion. Our buses are equipped with Wi-Fi access so passengers can stay connected while on board, as well as televisions and DVD players for entertainment purposes during long trips across state lines. We also offer party bus rentals in North Carolina, which are perfect for weddings, birthdays or any other special occasion where transportation needs must be met in style!


When you are looking for government and military charters, you want a company that has the best customers service Free Quotes: Want to know how much it would cost for this type of ride? We offer free quotes so that when it comes down to pricing your trip, there aren't any surprises! Give us a call today! Best Customer Service: Our limo service offers excellent customer service! If something goes wrong during your trip (which hopefully won't happen), we'll do whatever we can possible help resolve any problems so that everyone has an enjoyable time. You wont find a better way to celebrate your homecoming than taking a limousine from us.

Military and Government Charter Bus Travel

If your business is looking for last minute transportation for employees or clients, you may be interested in charter bus rentals. When it comes to government groups, we can provide a wide variety of services. We offer shuttle services for government groups, as well as limousine service to celebrate employees' achievements and milestones. Our many options allow us to accommodate any size event and budget. When it comes to having transportation available at the last minute, we can help with that too!

Party Bus Rental

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Coach Bus Rentals

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Shuttle Bus Rental

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Military and Government Minibus Rental

North Carolina is a beautiful state with a lot to offer. Whether you're looking for an exciting vacation, or you're in the market for a new home, North Carolina has got it all! If you're looking for a place that's both affordable and exciting, look no further than North Carolina. But what about transportation? You can't explore the state without getting around—and we've got just the thing! We offer military and government minibus rentals in North Carolina that will get you across town or across the country fast and easy. Whether you're traveling with your family or workmates, we have a vehicle that'll fit everyone comfortably and safely. Our vans are perfect for long road trips with friends or family, while our buses are great when traveling with large groups of people who need to be comfortable while on the road.

Military and Government Party Bus Rentals

If you are a member of the military or government and are looking for a party bus rental in Los Angeles, California, look no further than our company. We offer some of the best competitive rates in town along with a large fleet of vehicles to choose from. If you need help deciding which vehicle would fit your needs best or have any other questions about your options, don't hesitate to contact us today!

Limo Service To Celebrate Employees

It's time to get out of the office and celebrate their hard work! And what better way than with a limo service? Your employees will love being treated to luxury transportation from one location to another. Here are some great ways you can use our limo service for employee recognition:

  • Company Picnic

  • Christmas Party

  • Employee Appreciation Day

  • Employee Awards Program (or any other special event)

Limo Rental

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School Bus Rental

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Shuttle services for government groups

Shuttle services are often used by government groups to move large amounts of people from one destination to another. They are also used by private organizations and companies who need to transport large numbers of people in a short amount of time. The difference between a shuttle service and a bus is that shuttles are smaller and have fewer seats than buses, but they can still fit up to 50 people or more on it at once.

Last Minute Booking Accommodations

We accept last minute bookings and can accommodate passengers with a large group, small group, or even single passengers. Last minute charter bus rentals are available for government agencies that need to move their employees from one location to another.

Available Transportation for Large Events

We have the best options for large events and groups. We can provide you with: Large group transportation solutions for your event, whether it's a long weekend getaway or an annual conference. Transportation services that can accommodate larger groups of people than most limo companies are willing and able to handle.

Flexible Group Transport Options

We provide flexible group transport options for you and your colleagues, including charter bus rental, minibus rental, party bus rentals and limo service. We can accommodate groups of all kinds in our vehicles—whether you're planning a corporate event or simply want to celebrate the weekend with friends and family. Our aim at Limousine is to meet your transportation needs and exceed your expectations every time. We offer three different types of vehicle: Charter buses are large-capacity passenger vehicles that can be rented at hourly rates. They're ideal for large groups traveling together or families reuniting on vacation. Charter buses have restrooms inside as well as air conditioning to keep everyone comfortable during trips longer than one hour per day or two minutes per mile traveled by car (approximately). You'll also find ample room inside these vehicles, making them perfect for transporting large amounts of luggage while traveling long distances on road trips! Some charters include televisions mounted above headrests; please ask us about this option if it interests you! Minibuses are compact vans capable of holding between 15-25 people comfortably depending on configuration – perfect for road trips where space may be limited but safety still matters most because these smaller vehicles will make sure everyone gets home safe every time without sacrificing comfort along the way! These mini vans feature folding seats so they function more like buses when necessary – allowing extra room when needed without sacrificing safety first during their construction process which makes them safer overall compared

Types of government agencies served

North Carolina is known for a lot of things: the mountains, the beach, the peach trees. But one thing it's not known for? Minibuses. That's why we're here to help you get your hands on a minibus rental in North Carolina. We provide minibuses that are perfect for military and government clients in North Carolina. Our minibuses are easy to drive and maintain, but they have enough room to fit all of your troops or employees comfortably. Plus, they're super affordable—you can rent our minibuses for cheap per day! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and start planning your next trip with us!

Convenient Travel

Government and Military Charter Bus, Minibus Rental, Party Bus Rentals come in handy when you need to transport large groups of people. They are great for government agencies and the military. Groups are able to enjoy the comfort of their own transportation while traveling together in a safe and efficient manner. Government agencies can utilize this service to bring visitors or employees to events that they would otherwise be unable to attend due to lack of transportation options or being too far away from the event location. Transportation companies offer different bus sizes depending on how many people you need transported at once so there is something available for everyone!

Our Fleet of Limousines and Party Buses

We have a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs. We have a fleet of luxury sedans, limousines, party buses, and charter buses that can accommodate anywhere between 2 and 50 passengers. These include the following:

  • Cadillac Escalade ESV

  • Ford Excursion Limited XLT

  • GMC Yukon SLE-1

Steps To Rent Your Limo, Party Bus, or Charter Bus

Step 1: View our fleet. To get started, you can browse our online limo and party bus rental. Step 2: Call us if we have any questions about your trip beforehand! Let us know what type of vehicle you're looking for, where it will be traveling from and going to (including drop-off points), when it needs to arrive at its destination, how many people will need transportation from point A to point B on that particular date… whatever else comes up during conversation!

Our Pricing and Rates Explained

We offer flexible pricing options. We have a variety of vehicle options available for you to choose from, including school buses and charter buses, which can be rented for long distance travel and other special events. We have a broad range of pricing options available for you to choose from. You can choose how we deliver your vehicle(s). Choose from traditional delivery or curbside pickup – whichever is most convenient for you!

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